The AuthentiCx platform blends human and automated analysis of your company’s customer interactions.

AI is critical to drive efficiency of data generation; but it doesn’t replace the need to engage and make thoughtful business decisions. The AuthentiCx platform weaves your customers’ narratives through the data, adding context to your most important business decisions.

Why Use AuthentiCx?

Qualitative + Quantitative = Powerful

The data alone can't tell the story. AuthentiCx adds the human touch.

Imagine only being able to read the lyrics to your favorite song, but not being able to hear the melody. Would it still move you? Data is wonderful, but it can't capture the human experiences of your customers. Our user-friendly platform blends in those human insights, weaving your customer stories into your data at scale.

  • Dashboards that display exactly the insights that you need
  • Share real customers' voices with your leadership
  • Understand what customers actually think of your brand

Stop Making Your Customers Do Your Work

Every company is asking for "just a few more moments."
Be different.

What do your customers want? Easy - they've already told you. But did you hear them? AuthentiCx offers a way to discover your customers' and patients' thoughts and needs without adding to their work. Explore the data you already have instead of creating yet another survey.

  • Perform targeted market research
  • Prevent skewed survey results
  • Discover how well you deliver on your brand promises

Identify & Solve Broken Processes

Up to 40% of your customers are getting caught in bad customer experience loops.  

AuthentiCx can identify the places your customers are falling out of your customer journey, frustrating them and placing unnecessary stress on your workflows. This wastes both your customers' and employees' time.

  • Find breaks in your CX processes
  • Stop customer frustration before it starts
  • Preemptively protect your company's reputation

Compliance ... With a Side of Strategy

Get insights on top of your regular compliance program

Compliance is an important part of communication. The AuthentiCx platform can do double duty. AuthentiCx can not only help you do the auditing, but it can help you understand trends and take action on them.

  • Configurable to Industry Specifics
  • Audit Readiness
  • Corrective Action & Remediation Support

Case Studies

Patient Barriers Removed

How can you help patients achieve better outcomes?

Improve Click-to-Pay

What's going wrong with Inside Sales?

Identify Customer Churn

When 30% of your calls are going awry, where can you turn?

Improve Team Performance

How long does it take to turn an entire team from "good" to "great"?

Are you really connecting with your customers?

Bring the voice of your customers into the board room.

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