Who We Are

At AuthentiCx, everything from our culture and values to our entire business proposition rests on this belief: that the pursuit of truth and authenticity is the best path to winning. What does this mean? If you are a team member, it means we embrace your differences, value your strengths, and want you to feel energized and fulfilled by your work because it aligns with who you are. It also means that we welcome vulnerability because we believe it fuels connectedness and powerful change. If you are our customer, it means that we will relentlessly and passionately work to ensure your organization is living up to its full potential by uncovering what’s not working and shine a light on what is. After all, everyone—even organizations—have their strengths and weaknesses. The magic occurs when we can take an honest look in the mirror and grow from it.

Core Values


We believe that people who are free to be themselves, and live out their strengths through their work, produces best business results.


We believe that our differences make us better. We embrace, invite and thrive through a diverse set of perspectives, backgrounds and cultures.


We believe in taking calculated risks, encourage vulnerability and are not afraid of failure, as long as we learn from it.

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