If you have been a good performer at your job, then it’s likely you have gotten promoted at least a time or two. And, with that promotion has come greater responsibility. But with greater management responsibility comes less time and opportunity to directly interact with your customers. Does this sound familiar?

Compounding responsibilities and competing priorities are some of the obvious reasons why time for listening to customers becomes sparser as you climb the ranks. But, what about other, more subconscious, factors that may be influencing you? Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I assuming that things haven’t changed since I was talking directly with customers as a daily part of my job?
  • Do I believe what worked for our customers then is still working for them now?
  • Am I overly confident in the business processes and practices that impact our customers, without reality-testing them?
  • Am I inundated by tools, reports and data, leaving me wonder what more I could possibly need in order to know how our customers are doing?

As a regular part of our work at AuthentiCx, we get the opportunity to reconnect leaders with the authentic voice of their customers in a scalable way. This is important because listening to your customers’ actual voices allows the tonality, context and emotion to help illuminate what the numbers alone cannot.

Does this sound “touchy-feely”? To the contrary, in fact: We’re learning that only the toughest and most courageous leaders are willing to stand the test of hearing the truth their customers’ voices are telling. You see, if you want to wrap your arms around reality, you have to accept that you’re not only going to hear the stuff you want to hear. BUT, listening also gives you the opportunity to discover positive stories about your culture and business that you might not otherwise have known. In either case, leaders who understand, experientially, what is happening from the customer perspective have a better grasp about how to strategically grow their business.

But, don’t take our word for it. We asked four courageous industry leaders to share their experience in listening directly to the voices of their customers. Here is some of what they shared:

Chief Marketing Officer

“Hearing the voices of our customer made it very real. … It helped us identify projects and action items to address our customers’ concerns. It gave us the background to truly understand our customer sentiment.”

Client Services Leader

“It was a real eye-opening experience to listen to our customers’ calls. We learned ways to not only improve our customer service, but also our user experience. We were able to take immediate action.”

Director of Operations

“Listening to our actual customer calls is a bit of an emotional experience for us. The feedback we’ve heard has given us the ‘why’ we are doing what we’re doing. It motivates us. This holistic view of the customer experience gives us great insight for the whole organization.”

Healthcare Brand Leader

“It has been awesome to hear our patients voice come across through those insights. We’ve learned a lot about their needs and areas of improvement that we as a company should be looking at. Going forward, listening to our patients’ voices is going to be an expectation, not just a ‘nice to have.’”

If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can listen in an efficient, strategic and scalable manner, let AuthentiCx help you. We have both a platform and services that can help your team unveil the richest source of insights in your business.

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